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Georgia Tech Monday Night Brewing

How 5 Georgia Tech students helped Monday Night Brewing with a predicament

Then, this past spring semester a capstone team of five mechanical engineering seniors from Tech, calling itself “Monday Night Variety Hour,” found a way to quickly, and cheaply, solve a conundrum for MNB: How to speed up the assembly of variety 12-packs.

3-D printing is powering the next industrial revolution. Meet 5 of Atlanta’s innovators.

If you want to see Atlanta’s industrial future up close, come to an office park near Atlantic Station and examine a titanium plate, the size of a thumbnail, that was recently designed to correct foot deformities.

The Foundry: AT&T, Tech, Cisco team up for research

AT&T is joining forces with Georgia Tech and Cisco for some serious tech power, opening a research hub for wireless innovation at Technology Square. At the un-tech-sounding Foundry, AT&T employees will work with entrepreneurs and Tech researchers to develop mobile products. Carlton Hill, vice president of devices and developer services at AT&T, explains what’s going on.

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