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April 2013

Every January, Mayor Kasim Reed gives a talk to the Atlanta Press Club, and while the specifics of his remarks change from year to year, there’s one theme he returns to: Atlanta’s inferiority complex.

Market Movers

"It sounds preposterous," the New York Times declared. “A businessman from Atlanta blows into New York and walks off with the colonnaded high temple of American capitalism. No more will New York be the master of the New York Stock Exchange.”

NYSE coming to the ATL?

Mayor Hartsfield would be so proud.Atlanta-based "upstart" IntercontinentalExchange will purchase the New York Stock Exchange for $8.2 billion if everything passes muster. If it does, ICE will run the new company with one office still on Wall Street and another near the Hooch. NYSE CEO Duncan Niederauer didn't pull any punches in a release to the staff of the (current) Manhattan headquarters, conceding that this "is an acquisition, not a merger of equals."

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