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What did Atlanta chefs cook at home during Snowpocalypse?

Much like our intrepid political leaders, I spent the better half of Tuesday refusing to accept the reports of meteorologists that a snowstorm was coming to cripple the city. Even when images of overturned vehicles popped up on Facebook, I remained optimistic that I was making my 7 p.m. dinner plans. Obviously, they didn’t happen.

Julia LeRoy on the closing of LeRoy’s Fried Chicken

LeRoy’s Fried Chicken closed last night, which makes me sad. Like many others, I wasn’t overly enamored with the thick-battered style of Julia LeRoy’s fried chicken when the Howell Mills shack opened four months ago. But if you tried the place after it was open two weeks and gave up on it, you missed what eventually became a destination for some righteous fried chicken. I was there a few weeks back and loved the sheer, much-thinner batter, the vividly seasoned (but not salty) potato salad that replaced the iffy mac and cheese, the fluffier biscuit, and the smoky greens. We were planning to give the newcomer a Best Of award in our December issue (in production this week), I liked it that much better.

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