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Notes from HBO movie ‘Mary and Martha’ premiere at the Carter Center

This spring, Atlantans are probably more concerned about shaving ice for our cocktails than making sure our fruit-scented insect repellant actually works. Yet, any Southerner who sees the new HBO film, Mary and Martha (which held its U.S. premiere at The Carter Center on Tuesday and debuts on the cable network Saturday), may never sip poma-tinis on the porch again without thanking our friends over at the CDC for killing malaria’s buzz way back when.

The Robert W. Woodruff Foundation

ASD assisted the Woodruff Foundation with their first renovation years ago, so it was a great honor that they selected us to provide full design services, including furniture, on their 2011 update too! Their new 7,418 SF space is located at 191 Peachtree in Atlanta, and it was designed to draw attention to the amazing panoramic views of the city.

A closer look at Luther Cain Jr. and his relationship with Robert Woodruff

Herman Cain has written and spoken widely about his admiration for his late father, Luther Cain Jr., the man who moved young Herman, his brother, Thurman, and their mother, Lenora, from Memphis to Atlanta in the late 1940s. Luther’s plight—humping jobs as a barber, a janitor, and a chauffeur in the segregated South to support his family—has become a central part of the Cain campaign’s rags-to-riches mythology.

Robert W. Woodruff

If you took a map of Atlanta and placed dots on every spot where Woodruff—during his time the most admired, most influential, and richest man in Atlanta—left a mark, the terrain would be covered.

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