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Who lives in Atlanta? Who will be here in the future? A look at the data

Race has always been the throughline in every significant discussion about Atlanta, but as the metro area grows ever more diverse, the story is much more than black and white
Monastery of the Holy Spirit, Conyers

Flashback: How Trappist monks built Conyers’s Monastery of the Holy Spirit

Between chants and prayer, the monks mixed and wheeled concrete to build their immense Abbey Church in Rockdale County. Today, the monastery is a must-see attraction and generates revenue by making stained glass, selling bonsai trees, and offering silent retreats for laypeople. Plus, they bake a mean biscotti.
Candace Hill

Candace Hill is the fastest girl alive

For Candace Hill, life is now divided into two eras: before the 10.98 and after the 10.98. Last June the Rockdale County high school junior ran a 100-meter sprint in Seattle in 10.98 seconds and became—officially—the fastest girl in the world.

While everyone’s busy talking about Kevin Ware, he’s headed home to Georgia

If you saw it, it’s burned into your memory. If you didn’t, I don’t think I can adequately describe it to you. Let’s just say that the sight of Louisville guard, and former Rockdale high-schooler, Kevin Ware breaking his leg during the regional final of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament on Sunday made Joe Theismann—a quarterback whose career was infamously ended by a gruesome knee injury—“sick to my stomach,” as he told NBC’s Today Show.

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