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A Georgia Tech professor was featured in the Hulu’s Black Twitter: A People’s History

A Georgia Tech professor was featured in Hulu’s Black Twitter: A People’s History

We caught up with Dr. André Brock, Jr.—who teaches Social Media, AI and Society, as well as Science and Technology Studies at Georgia Tech—during a Black Twitter: A People's History promotional event atop the roof of the Hotel Clermont to ask about Atlanta Twitter and learn more about his work.
Head spas offering professional scalp massage are the latest wellness trend sweeping Atlanta

Head spas offering professional scalp massage are the latest wellness trend sweeping Atlanta

The roots of a head spa (also referred to as a professional scalp massage) go back centuries in Indian and Japanese cultures, where well-maintained hair was a symbol of beauty. Modern versions vary greatly as proprietors look to add treatments that cater to their clients, and, in many cases, create viral moments for social media. I’ve been chasing a head spa high for almost a year. Here’s how a recent experience went.
Isaac Hayes III

Isaac Hayes III wants to help social media creators monetize their content

In the 20th century, Black musicians and other artists were regularly taken advantage of for their creative labor. In the 21st century, eight-tracks and record players have given way to TikTok and YouTube—but the exploitation remains. These entrepreneurs are fighting to change that.
Digital detox: How to break your screen habit

Digital detox: How to break your screen habit

The more we scroll, the more our brains crave those quick bursts of pleasure and connection, keeping us coming back for more. Here's how to cut back.
Sunshine the pig

The misadventures of Sunshine, a neighborhood pig on the lam

Sunshine the pig has become, if not a folk hero of her intown Atlanta neighborhood, then at least a staple of its social-media pages
How Atlanta hip-hop is evolving

60 Voices: Dr. Regina N. Bradley, Christina Lee, and Brian ‘B High’ Hightower on how hip-hop is evolving

Researcher, author, and professor Dr. Regina N. Bradley, music journalist Christina Lee, and Hot 107.9 on-air personality and professor Brian ‘B High’ Hightower discuss hip-hop's evolution in Atlanta.
Jalaiah Harmon

60 Voices: Jalaiah Harmon and Sean Bankhead on going viral

"Renegade" dance creator Jalaiah Harmon and choreographer and dancer Sean Bankhead talk about viral fame, the pandemic's effect on the dance industry, and young creativity.
Georgia covid-19 vaccine hunters

For many Atlantans, the hunt is on for a Covid vaccine appointment

Atlantans are using social media crowdsourcing to find unclaimed Covid-19 vaccine appointments and wait lists for doses that would otherwise go to waste. They're also using social media to help others navigate the confusing vaccination system.
Jermaine Dupri Instagram Live

For Atlanta’s hip-hop and R&B artists, Instagram Live has become an unexpected source of community

With touring and recording largely halted due to the coronavirus outbreak, some of the city's most famous talents are connecting with fans through live battles, performances, and karaoke sessions.
John Lewis Stage IV Cancer Diagnosis

Politicians, celebrities, constituents, and fans send support to John Lewis after cancer diagnosis

On Sunday, Congressman John Lewis announced that he has been diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. On Twitter, colleagues and fans expressed their support.

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