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Emory Farmworker Project

The Emory Farmworker Project gives medical care to migrant farmworkers in South Georgia

The Emory Farmworker Project exists to give medical care to approximately 2,500 itinerant farmworkers a year in South Georgia, who tend the fruits and vegetables we eat. Many of the workers are immigrants from Mexico, Guatemala, or Haiti. Every June and October, Emory students, faculty, clinicians, interpreters, and volunteers (about 350 total in the summer and 120 in the fall) travel to the area, setting up and taking down entire clinics twice a day as they move from farm to farm.

She used to live in the Hogwarts castle. Now, Lady Melissa Percy brings British country style to Georgia.

Lady Melissa Percy grew up in a 20-bedroom, 11th-century castle that stood in for Hogwarts in the Harry Potter films. She was once married to a best friend of Prince William. Now, she's moved to the U.S. and launched her line of women’s sporting sweaters, Mistamina.

Go South: God’s little acre

I grew up in South Georgia, which, at fifteen, was hard to think of as a tourist attraction. My neck of the woods seemed like a place you’d travel through, not to. “It’s a land of red clay and despair,” I recall churlishly telling a college friend.

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