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Atlanta Must Reads for the Week: Sacred Harp singers, Sapelo Island sugarcane, and a battle with a deadly superbug

The best stories each week about Atlanta, from Atlanta-based writers, and beyond.

By the numbers: Atlanta’s 90s sprawl

People moved here at the staggering rate of 360 per day, bursting the region’s boundaries and transforming its culture.

Infographic of the Day: Guess how hot Atlanta will get by 2100?

It’s a hot one today–with a smog alert, to boot. Especially after a few unseasonably (and gloriously) cool days, maybe now is the time to stay inside and check out this “1001 Blistering Future...

Study: Atlanta ranks No. 8 for walkable areas

It often seems that every week brings a new report underscoring metro Atlanta’s woeful sprawl and its host of associated ills. Well, here’s a bit of better news. A report to be released today ranks the growth of walkable areas in the country’s 30 largest areas, and here's the stunner: Atlanta comes in eighth place.

Report: Metro Atlanta ranks No. 8 for pedestrian danger

Metro Atlanta’s sprawl has contributed to our appalling traffic and a host of problems that range from high obesity to low economic mobility. Here's another cause for alarm: our car-centric development is a reason that walking here can be deadly.

Report: Atlanta is the most sprawling big metro in the U.S.

The study examined the correlation between sprawl and economic mobility. People who live in high-sprawl metro areas have lower rates of economic opportunity than those who live in more densely developed cities. “A low income person in a compact area has much better access to jobs,” said lead research Reid Ewing.

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