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My kids’ suburban Atlanta childhood is light-years away from mine

My childhood at age seven was nothing like my daughter’s now. My world was defined by fire and brimstone belching from the pulpit at Spring River Assembly of God. I didn’t know a Black person, and I sure as hell didn’t know what a lesbian was—much less consider a happy couple as part of my family.

Where—and how—Atlantans want to live now

The pandemic changed everything. We've never thought more about how and where we want to live—and how we can make room for everyone. What are the options now in metro Atlanta?

In politically mixed friend groups, a lesson for navigating differences

Laura Phelan sees her small friend group as a microcosm of her church family—and perhaps a microcosm of the country, politically. One woman casts her vote according to convictions related to social justice and climate change; another is fiscally conservative and supports whichever party’s tax plan makes most sense for her family.

Does a Mableton experiment hold the answer for aging Atlantans?

The corner of Clay and Floyd roads in south Cobb County looks like any suburban intersection: mega RaceTrac gas station, Food Depot grocery store with a gargantuan parking lot, cars whizzing by to beat the traffic light.

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