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Shwood Handcrafted Canby Seashell

These are the hottest new shades for summer

We asked Jonathan Brimer and Jason Pittenger, who opened Inman Quarter's hip Select Shades shop in March, to share the hottest new frames.

Atlanta-based Red’s Outfitters launches its “Land Yacht”

Atlanta-based Red’s Outfitters is launching a new mobile showroom—a 1966 Airstream dubbed the "Land Yacht Collective"—that will make its first stop at Ladybird Grove & Mess Hall before a summer-long road trip to Montauk.

2015 Spring Style Guide

Atlanta’s fashion new guard showcases the season’s trends. Interviews and style tips from Camryn Park, Keisha Noel, Kirk Stafford, Mandy Kellogg Rye, and Mike Mast, plus our favorite funky platform shoes, cool shades, bitty bags, and jaunty pocket squares.

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