Atlanta-based Red’s Outfitters launches its “Land Yacht”

The mobile showroom will set sail at Ladybird
Courtesy of Red's Outfitters

On Thursday, Atlanta-based Red’s Outfitters will launch its new mobile showroom—a 1966 Airstream dubbed the “Land Yacht Collective”—making its first stop at Ladybird Grove & Mess Hall before a summer-long road trip to Montauk. Red’s was founded in 2011 by Brian Francis, Cason Milner, and Will Cowan as a sunglasses company inspired by American heritage and Italian craftsmanship. Their frames are made of ecofriendly plant-based cellulose acetate and are sold in boutiques and department stores across the country. Now, Red’s is using the Land Yacht to showcase their new line of shirts, a collection of updated oxfords that are made in America. But the the Land Yacht will also be picking up other brands along the way, selling not only their sunglasses and shirts but also pieces from brands such as Ferragamo, Del Toro, and Solid and Striped. After Atlanta, the Land Yacht Collective will stop in Charleston, D.C., and New York before landing in Montauk for the summer. Fortunately for those of us stuck on the mainland, an online store will open on May 26. The Land Yacht will be docked at Ladybird on May 19 from 4 p.m. until 11 p.m.

Red’s Sunglasses are currently sold in Atlanta at Onward Reserve, Miller Brothers, and Orvis. Follow them on Instagram: @reds_usa.