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Stone-Ground Corn Grits Couscous with Shellfish, Caramelized Onions, and Glazed Turnips

From The Food of Morocco by Paula Wolfert. This shellfish couscous, a specialty of the southern coastal city of Essaouira, consists of a mound of golden corn couscous in the center of a huge platter surrounded with distinct piles of garnishes including luscious, raisin-rich caramelized onions, tender and sweet fleshed charmoula-soaked shrimps, fast-cooked opened mussels still in their shells, and baby glazed turnips tangled up with their leafy greens.

Easy Creamy Turnip Soup

Nutmeg and a hint of cardamom bring out the sweetness in the underappreciated turnip. Sometimes I make my own vegetable stock, but usually I just buy a good-quality, low-salt vegetable stock such as Pacific brand.

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