Terry Hord

She shares her journey with multiple sclerosis to inspire and educate others

Terry Hord

Photography by Martha Williams

Terry Hord defines herself as a twin and as someone living with multiple sclerosis, but her life has been dedicated to a bigger mission that encompasses both realities. In addition to her work with the Georgia Multiple Sclerosis Society, Terry and her identical twin, Tamara, started the website TwinsCoast2Coast, providing a personal spin to their health journey. “My sister Tamara and I are both living with MS, and we wanted to share our stories of the good, the bad, and the funny of living with a chronic illness to help inspire others,” says Terry. Their active Instagram (@twinscoast2coast) posts videos and alerts followers to events, and the twins also have a private life-coaching business.

Terry noticed symptoms in her teen years such as tingling and numbness in her legs, but wasn’t diagnosed until her late 20s. Tamara’s diagnosis came three years later. Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease that causes the body to attack the central nervous system, she learned, resulting in inflammation and damage of the nerve cells themselves. “While my MS journey began at a young age and would forever change me, I had a choice to stay positive for my children, family, and other MS warriors,” she says.

Over the years, Terry tried experimental drugs and procedures, but she now lives with secondary progressive MS, which gradually left her paralyzed from the waist down and with limited arm mobility. Despite her diagnosis, she has owned a residential building company, worked as a marketing director for a medical company, and volunteered tirelessly at her children’s school. “Most recently, I’ve worked as a board of trustee member for the Georgia Multiple Sclerosis Society, exploring the medical cannabis industry with companies and serving as a motivational speaker,” she says. Terry’s event-planning and leadership acumen make her indispensable at the organization, but it’s her personal stories that resonate with others around the world.