Holeman and Finch Public House


Photograph by Alex Martinez

Oink. At its essence, Holeman and Finch exists to serve you pork. Sure, you can scarf down rabbit livers, lamb hearts, lamb testicles, or veal brains—and to be fair, a whole menu section revolves around vegetables. But the restaurant excels at perfecting the pig, be it cured or preserved in half a dozen forms; made into pork rinds punched up with salt and vinegar; twirled into pasta carbonara as guanciale (aged pork jowl); or as beloved bacon paired with poached farm egg, nestled into a salad, or added as a jolt of salt to caramel popcorn.

There is, of course, the famous burger, served at 10 p.m. and at Sunday brunch. The restaurant also recently began offering Saturday lunch, showcasing low-octane cocktails under the headline “Errands to Run.” (If you’re up for a full-strength libation, look under the list called “The Day Is Shot.”) The lunch menu brings wacky, wonderful riffs from the kitchen like the Loco Moco—Spam-like spiced ham, foie gras, a sunny-side-up egg, and sorghum teriyaki, all piled over a sticky bed of rice.
2277 Peachtree Road, 404-948-1175, holeman-finch.com

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  • Al


  • HungryJack

    You have got to be kidding, this is one of the best? Weird for the sake of being weird. English style pub, well everyone knows the English can’t cook. Nasty sauces.

    I will say the bread box was good. This overpriced small plates trend is tired, already.

    A shrimp poboy in any corner grocery store in Louisiana is head and shoulders above this food.

    • Matt

      I find what you have to say tedious and annoying. How would you respond to someone attempting to be witty and caustic about how bad you are at what you do for a living? These people are pouring their hearts and souls into what they do. If you don’t like it, don’t patronize them. Obviously a lot of others do. If you have some qualification that allows you to pass judgement, have the stones to own up to it and tell them face to face giving them a chance to grow or at least make it right for you. Otherwise take your “witty repartee” on down to the corner store for a meal more to your liking.

      • VoxP

        Um, and here I thought this was a comment board where people could express their opinions, my bad.

      • Mattissowitty

        Oh, the irony of telling someone to take their “witty repartee” and shove it while at the same time being witty and annoying. Hey Matt, what exactly from HungryJack got stuck in your craw? From my reading of it, he/she is simply not fond of overpriced, overhyped pub style grub. I agree, Holman and Finch is not worthy of the top 25 here. And about the passing judgement thing….are you f’ing serious? This whole site is nothing but amateurs passing judgement. What’s you’re qualification? Professional Jerk? Give it a rest, no one needs a constantly critical, ever sarcastic foodie trolling for an easy insult.

        And yes, it is true, any corner grocery store in LA has a poboy or muffaletta that beats the crap out of H&F fare. For your sake, I certainly hope you don’t work at H&F (or God forbid own the place), because it would be incredibly sad to know that someone associated with that establishment actively trolls around these sites trying to counter negative reviews.

        Oh yeah, I also had a crappy time at H&F once and when I let them know so they could “make it right”, they made it much worse.

        • Wouldfish

          Mattissowitty: Next time wear your good t-shirt. The one with sleeves.

          Also, see the part of the review that says the establishment doesn’t cater to populist tastes. I believe the author was being euphemistic in warning off the Ponderosa crowd. Guess it went over your head.