51st Restaurant Contest - Main - Atlanta Magazine
Did we leave your favorite restaurant (or one you really, really like) out of our Top 50?

Make the case for why a given eatery should have made the cut, and our food editor and restaurant critic, Bill Addison, will select the most convincing "review" as our fifty-first restaurant. One winner and a friend will receive dinner with Addison at the city's number one restaurant, Bacchanalia!

Congratulations to Jennifer Little, whose entry on Flip Burger Boutique took home the prize!

Said Bill Addison: "There were other readers who recommended less obvious choices (like Taverna Fiorentina and Pampas Steakhouse in Johns Creek) with convincing arguments, but I liked the specificity of her recommendations for Flip—the lamb burger, the Nutella and toasted marshmallow milkshake, the fried pickles. Details matter in a review, and I really felt like she communicated her favorites enthusiastically."