50 of Our Favorite Meals for Takeout

We've ordered more to-go food than ever this past year. Here's what we learned.

Clockwise from top middle: Staplehouse’s alkaline noodles and radish tart, Grub Fresh’s sweet and spicy salmon bowl, and the General Muir’s vegetarian Reuben and Beluga lentils

Clockwise from top middle: Staplehouse’s alkaline noodles and radish tart, Grub Fresh’s sweet and spicy salmon bowl, and the General Muir’s vegetarian Reuben and Beluga lentils
Photograph by Emma Fishman | Food Styling by D’mytrek Brown


Takeout Top Three

This is what we’d order if we were stranded on a deserted island. Oh, wait . . .

The Deer and the Dove: Half duck and beef fat potatoes

The Deer and the Dove: Half duck and beef fat potatoes
Photograph by Emma Fishman

The Deer and the Dove
Half duck and beef fat potatoes

Terry Koval’s greatest strength as a chef is the way he tackles cooking with unabashed joy. Order his duck, and you’ll be amazed by the smoked breast and the confit leg sharing the limelight with meltingly tender pink-eyed peas, bright Hickory Hills mustard greens, and a soothing squash puree. I always order a side of his beef fat potatoes with scallions and nutritional yeast. On the way out, score some fresh bagels from Koval’s next-door shop, B-Side. 155 Sycamore Street, Decatur

Matthews Cafeteria
Fried chicken with three sides

The generously portioned, old-timey Southern food packed by this venerable institution is extra comforting to me in times of stress. There are rotating daily specials I watch for, but one favorite that’s always on the menu is classic fried chicken the color of pale gold. Mashed potatoes with a ladle of gravy, festive corn dressing, and little nubbins of crisp fried okra might not be available on the same day, but when they are, I feel like I’ve won the lottery. 2299 Main Street, Tucker

Taqueria San Pancho
Tacos al vapor by the pound

This humble, Jalisco-style taqueria sells boiled meats by the pound, which is one of the best possible ways to eat tacos for days. The cabeza (beef cheeks) and the lengua (beef tongue) are particularly luscious and come with tiny, tender, white corn tortillas and all the chopped onion, fresh cilantro, crunchy radishes, and spicy salsas you’ll need for ideal taco assembly. Steam the tortillas over boiling water to reheat them the appropriate way. 4880 Lawrenceville Highway, Tucker

— Christiane Lauterbach, Atlanta restaurant critic

The General Muir: Beet Reuben and matzo ball soup

The General Muir: Beet Reuben and matzo ball soup
Photograph by Emma Fishman

Pork loin with tortillas and alkaline noodles with kale and turnips

No longer a prix-fixe, multicourse affair, Staplehouse is now (maybe forever?) a market slinging to-go food that’s no less ambitious—and a lot more affordable. My favorite of the composed dishes is the simplest: Bear Creek Farms pork loin smoked over pecan wood, served with thick tortillas and salsa macha you’ll want to put on everything. Alkaline noodles tossed with housemade chili crisp also slay. 541 Edgewood Avenue, Old Fourth Ward

The General Muir
Beet Reuben and matzo ball soup

Yes, it’s borderline sacrilegious to bypass the General Muir’s achingly tender corned beef for this vegetarian Reuben. But the thinly sliced, fragrantly smoked beets that stand in for the meat are a splendid understudy, especially for the beef-averse. Speaking of, several vegetarians have confessed that they bend their rules only for the GM’s matzo ball soup, which is damn near velvety with schmaltz and anchored by an oversized pillow-dumpling. 1540 Avenue Place, Emory

Las Brasas
Pollo las brasa, ceviche pescado de Peru, and chaufa marisco mixto

Peruvian rotisserie chicken served with huacatay (creamy black-mint sauce) is the main draw, but I’m just as smitten with the chaufa marisco mixto—a massive mound of fried rice brimming with texturally perfect Spanish octopus, flounder, shrimp, and squid. And of the half-dozen ceviches, I’m partial to the straight-up flounder, served the Peruvian way with choclo corn and slices of steamed sweet potatoes. 614 Church Street, Decatur

— Mara Shalhoup, Atlanta deputy editor

Crawfish Shack: Fried catfish and shrimp

Crawfish Shack: Fried catfish and shrimp
Photograph by Emma Fishman

Crawfish Shack
Fried catfish and shrimp

This meal holds up so shockingly well in transit, it’s almost as if it were designed for takeout. The cornmeal-battered catfish is crispy and fresh, and the sides stand out as much as the seafood—small but perfectly sweet hush puppies, buttery Cajun red potatoes, and corn coated with Crawfish Shack’s signature spicy boil seasoning. Order a side of Cajun fries, too—potato overload be damned. The Old Bay in the spice mix really pops. 4337 Buford Highway, Chamblee

Busy Bee Café
Fried chicken (dark) with fried okra and baked macaroni and cheese

Hot, crispy, and endlessly comforting, the famous fried chicken at this historic restaurant is every bit as perfect as you’d hoped—and will forever ruin your favorite fast-food chicken joints. Add fresh fried okra, buttery cornbread, and creamy, extra-thick mac and cheese for a meal that will most likely lead to a nap. You’ll fall asleep full and happy. 810 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, Atlanta University Center

Bell Street Burritos
Pork and green chili grilled burrito

It almost goes without saying that Atlanta’s best Mission-style burrito is a takeout champion. But no matter which fillings you prefer—I’m team pork and green chili (add cilantro, grilled onions, jalapeños, and chipotle salsa)—you must “grill my burrito” for a quesadilla-like effect that puts plain tortillas to shame. For those of you missing the restaurant’s squeeze-bottles of housemade salsas, you can order them by the pint. Locations in Buckhead, Inman Park, and Tucker

— Myrydd Wells, Atlanta digital editor

Grub Fresh Bowls & Wraps: Sweet and spicy salmon bowl

Grub Fresh Bowls & Wraps: Sweet and spicy salmon bowl
Photograph by Emma Fishman

Grub Fresh Bowls & Wraps
Sweet and spicy salmon bowl

Steps from Delta HQ, this fast-casual spot with an unremarkable facade is actually a first-of-its-kind, Black-owned restaurant serving beautiful, made-to-order rice bowls. The sweet and spicy salmon bowl, with black and white sesame seeds, green onions, purple cabbage, and snappy edamame, rightfully hogs the spotlight. What a welcome addition to an area where locals have plenty of fine carryout food but could use more options on the healthier side. 876 Virginia Avenue, Hapeville

10-piece nigiri omakase

Mujo launched last fall as a takeout-only sushi pop-up operating Thursdays through Sundays at Cooks & Soldiers. Its strongest selling point: Edomae-style treatment of exceptionally fresh fish (often sourced from fishermen in Japan). Order the 10-piece nigiri omakase, laid luxuriously over perfectly vinegary rice, and take the smallest, slowest bites possible—it’s a whole vibe. Some rare good news that broke in December: Mujo is going brick-and-mortar this year. 691 14th Street, Westside

Lake & Oak BBQ
Brisket with Chicago Red sauce

Time, which everyone seemed to have both too much and not enough of in 2020, slows down in the good way when you bite into Todd Richards’s and Joshua Lee’s perfectly smoked brisket. This is a masterclass in meat enjoyment, magnified by the tanginess of Richards’s Chicago Red sauce. Yes, it feels overindulgent. Balance your carnivorous excess with smoked chicken collard greens and brussels and cabbage slaw. 2358 Hosea L. Williams Drive, East Lake

— Mike Jordan, Atlanta contributing writer

Noodles or Dumplings?

If you’re torn between hangover ramen and steamed shrimp hakao, you might as well pick up both!

Salaryman: Hangover Ramen

Mamak Vegan
Chow kway teow

We love this Malaysian staple at BuHi’s Mamak—and we’re just as smitten with the plant-based version at its new vegan outpost in Chamblee.

Hangover Ramen

This East Lake gem offers a fiery, headache-curing miracle ramen—meticulously packed for takeout.

Beef Pho

For your soul-healing broth, choose a cooked meat as opposed to one of the rare ones; they travel better. Locations in Avondale Estates and Midtown.

LanZhou Ramen

Just like you’ll find in northwest China, these noodles are an art form. We like ours spicy, stir-fried, and with seafood. Locations on BuHi in Doraville and in Kennesaw.

Mushi Ni: Steamed Shrimp Hakao


These delicate, velvety, slippery dumplings cradle pork or veggies and have the perfect spicy kick. Available at Krog Street Market or on BuHi.

Mushi Ni
Steamed Shrimp Hakao

These magical mini-dumplings in East Atlanta Village are a pastel rainbow of pliant dough, packed with fragrant shrimp.

Northern China Eatery
Pork and Chive Pot Stickers

You can’t choose wrong among the two dozen dumpling varieties at this BuHi mainstay. Be sure to grab a sack of 24 or 60 frozen dumplings, too.

Fire Stone
Pan-Fried Pork

This fairly new, highly impressive Sichuan joint in Kennesaw offers pork dumplings steamed or pan-fried (and so many other goodies).

Kimberly Smith, who works with Postmates and DoorDash

Kimberly Smith: “This business is about time.”
Photograph by Emma Fishman

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Kimberly’s three favorite takeout meals

Pad thai boraan with shrimp

(Smyrna, Tucker, and Peachtree Corners)

Thompson Brothers BBQ
Short end ribs


Santorini Taverna
Gyro and Greek

(Sandy Springs)

Mathew’s three favorite takeout meals:

Desi Spice
Korma paneer


Lucky Buddha
General Tso’s Chicken


Manuel’s Tavern


Evergreen Butcher + Baker

The burger at Evergreen Butcher + Baker
Photograph by Emma Fishman

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Three Other Great Takeout Burgers

NFA Burger
Billy’s Classic

This griddled double-stack with American cheese, pickles, and “sassy sauce,” served out of a Dunwoody Chevron station, evokes a (better) Big Mac.

Slutty Vegan
One Night Stand

Available in Westview, Jonesboro, and Old Fourth Ward, this burger is big, messy, and cheesy—but, unlike most burgers with that description, it’s vegan!

The Earl
Big Earl

Buy a burger, save a music venue. This East Atlanta Village monster is topped with American cheese, thick pickles, and Coca-Cola–grilled onions.

Matt Scruggs

Mattchews chef Matt Scruggs
Photograph by Emma Fishman

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Three Meals to order from Ghost-Kitchen Chefs

Scotch Yard
Lobster mac and cheese

Scotch Yard delivers the comfort food we’ve needed to get us through this dark winter—and this thick, rich lobster mac and cheese is the must-order panacea. The texture of the pasta is perfect, the layers of flavor are complex, and you get a full lobster tail in your takeout box—in addition to the large pieces scattered within.

Korean cheesesteak

How is it possible to make a Philly cheesesteak even more freakishly delicious? Replace the steak with 24-hour–marinated bulgogi. Chef Matt Scruggs’s clever mashups also include a “Spicy Kim Reuben” that swaps classic kraut with kimchi, as well as fries loaded with kimchi, melted provolone, scallions, and honey sriracha.

Chicken Out
Crispy Chicken Sandwich

There’s always room for a new challenger in Atlanta’s chicken-sandwich wars. Nick Leahy’s new poultry-focused, delivery-only ghost kitchen makes a killer one. Crispy-fried to just-past-golden-brown, it’s got crunch, juice, flavor, and chew. It’s a chicken sandwich that’s not trying to do too much, which is what makes it great.

Matt Scruggs

Clockwise from top left: Bengali Fish Fry Slider, Samosa Chole Chaat, Corn Bhel, Grilled Paneer Salad, Mango Lassi, and Okra Fries at Chai Pani
Photograph by Emma Fishman

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