Explore the creepy yet charming Doll’s Head Trail


It’s artistically creepy, romantically isolated, and naturally scenic. Off an industrial stretch of Moreland Avenue, the 1.6-mile Doll’s Head Trail curves through Constitution Lakes’ marshy ponds, peaceful lake views, and boardwalks ideal for birdwatching. But it’s the eeriness of the scuffed doll heads peering out from shrubbery that makes this trail tick. The visuals are like something out of a horror film: a grimy doll head inside a broken TV, a soiled doll head and legs with the body of a tattered fan, a doll sitting in a stroller labeled “Baby Driver.”  Take time to read the works labeled with insightful (and some not so insightful) quotes—many scribbled with Sharpie on broken bricks or carved into trees and boardwalks.

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