Tour vintage jets at the Delta Flight Museum

Delta Flight Museum

Photograph by Myrydd Wells

Just to the north of Hartsfield-Jackson on the nearly 100-year-old airline’s vast corporate campus, the Delta Flight Museum is the perfect spot for aviation fanatics, kids, and even experienced fliers slogging through a long layover. Run by volunteers, the nonprofit museum maintains key historical artifacts—radios, serving bowls, flight attendant uniforms—and aircraft including a DC-3, Boeing 767, and the most iconic, a 747 “jumbo jet,” which along with the 767 you can enter and explore. The pièce de résistance however is an actual 737-200 full-motion flight simulator—the same type of machine pilots train on, which is open to the public. Never flown a plane? No problem. The sim-techs will tailor the experience to make sure you learn a few things, land without crashing (well, hopefully), and have fun (barrel rolls, anyone?). 1060 Delta Boulevard, 404-715-7886,

What’s it like to take a spin (literally) in the flight simulator? Check out our experience here.

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