A look into Buckhead’s future


Buckhead receives high marks by nearly every index, and is certainly a success story recognized around the country. A book of facts like the 2021 Buckhead Guidebook tells where we have been and where we are, but charting a vision for where we want to go is equally important. The Buckhead Coalition, Livable Buckhead, and the Buckhead Community Improvement District have demonstrated decades of care and focus toward securing the future of the community by leading planning and visioning efforts that identify community priorities and implementing the projects and policies to achieve the vision.

About the Buckhead Community Improvement District:

The Buckhead Community Improvement District (BCID) is a self-taxing district that uses commercial property taxes to fund projects and programs that make the community a more accessible and livable urban environment. To date, the Buckhead CID has reinvested more than $60 million of local funding and has brought in $110 million from outside the district.

The BCID has delivered many notable improvements to Buckhead, including an award-winning redevelopment of Charlie Loudermilk Park, transformation of Peachtree Road into a signature boulevard with upgraded sidewalks and landscaping, and construction of a pedestrian bridge spanning GA 400 and connecting to MARTA’s Buckhead Station. The BCID has also guided development across Buckhead by funding studies such as the community master plan BUCKHEAD REdeFINED, the Lenox Road Scoping Study, and the Piedmont Area Transportation Study. Initial planning and leadership for HUB 404, a planned park over GA 400, was also provided by BCID.

In addition to these projects, BCID funds programs that increase local safety, such as a supplemental patrol of off-duty Atlanta Police Department officers within the commercial core and an expansion of the Operation Shield security camera network.

Here is what’s coming in 2021, led by the Buckhead Coalition, Livable Buckhead, and the Buckhead Community Improvement District:

  • “Buckhead Community Rebranding” by Livable Buckhead
  • “Economic Impact Analysis for Atlanta’s Greater Buckhead Area” by Buckhead Coalition
  • “Lindbergh Armour Master Plan” by City of Atlanta Department of Planning and Development

Most recent work includes: 

  • “Buckhead Security Plan” by Buckhead Coalition – An actionable and sustainable crime reduction and public safety strategy for the residents, businesses, and visitors to Buckhead.
  • “Buckhead REdeFINED” by Livable Buckhead, Buckhead Community Improvement District (BCID), Buckhead Coalition, Buckhead Rotary, and Buckhead Business Association (BBA) – A community master plan update that provides the framework that will guide growth and development during the next 10 to 15 years. The plan highlights six “big ideas” that will enhance vitality, expand mobility, and improve livability throughout Buckhead.
  • “Buckhead Housing and Commuting Study Summer 2019” by Livable Buckhead – The Buckhead housing study includes a combination of short-, mid- and long-term approaches that will connect workers to existing housing, preserve housing affordability, and eventually lead to construction of new workforce housing.

Other community-related studies include:

  • “Buckhead Interpretive Study” by Buckhead Heritage Society
  • “GA 400 Trail Feasibility Study” by Livable Buckhead
  • “Buckhead Green Space Action Plan” by Buckhead Area Transportation Management Association
  • “Buckhead Pedestrian Connectivity Study” by the Buckhead Community Improvement District
  • “Brookwood Alliance Blueprint: Spring 2010” by Georgia Institute of Technology
  • “Collier Village Blueprints for Successful Communities: Spring 2008” by Georgia Conservancy
  • “Buckhead Community Survey: September 2008” by Georgia State University
  • “Piedmont Area Transportation Study” by Buckhead Area Transportation Management Association and Buckhead Community Improvement District
  • “Peachtree Corridor” by Peachtree Corridor Task Force, March 2007, Atlanta City Hall
  • “The Buckhead Village Renaissance” by Georgia State University Real Estate Department, University Plaza
  • “The Buckhead Village: A Redevelopment Proposal” by Georgia State University Real Estate Department, University Plaza
  • “The Buckhead Village” by Georgia State University Real Estate Department, University Plaza
  • “Buckhead Action Plan” by Buckhead Action Committee
  • “A Vision for the Buckhead Village” by Buckhead Business Association
  • “Buckhead Community – Atlanta, Georgia – Transportation and Growth Strategies” by ULI – The Urban Land Institute
  • “The Buckhead Advantage: Retailing” by Small Business Development Center and Department of Geography, Georgia State University, University Plaza
  • “Buckhead People Mover Study” by Atlanta Regional Commission
  • “Market Analysis, Speculative Multi-tenant Offices in Buckhead” by Georgia State University Graduate School of Real Estate
  • “Buckhead Sidewalk Study” by Buckhead Coalition
  • “Buckhead Transit Station Area Development Study” by City of Atlanta Department of Planning and Development
  • “Buckhead: The Retail Advantage for the 1990s” by Buckhead Business Association