Atlanta Thrashers go mobile with new ’24/7′ iPhone app for fans


Just in time for the Atlanta Thrashers drive toward the 2010 Stanley Cup
playoffs, the local NHL franchise’s official iPhone app slapshots onto
iTunes this week.

As a public service to Intel readers, we downloaded “Thrashers 24/7”
onto the official Intel iPhone and proceeded to kick the free app’s
tires for you.

The app was developed by Virginia-based XCO SportsLink.

In addition to the latest scores and team news, “Thrashers 24/7” also
offers fans player bios and trade dish.

For newcomers to Philips Arena, there’s a handy “Concession Finder”
showing you where precisely Buckhead Diner Too! or where the nearest draft
suds dispenser is located in proximity to your seats.

There’s also a “Text the Scoreboard!” feature (normal text-messaging
rates, apply however) to communicate with other fans at Philips Arena.
Fans can also text their game photos to the scoreboard as well.

But for us, the coolest aspect of the app is its “Thrashers TV”
function, featuring up close and personal interviews with players and
the latest press conference clips with head coach John Anderson.

The feature is designed to give fans a more three-dimensional portrait
of the guys who deliver teeth-shattering 100-mph pucks across a sheet of
ice at each other nightly.

For example, current Thrashers teammates Colby Anderson and 
Ron Hainsey
discuss their first-ever NHL fight.

Against each other.

 In 2006, Armstrong was a Pittsburgh Penguins newbie and Hainsey was
playing for the Columbus Blue Jackets.

Hockey fans will recall that when Armstrong took a run at Hainsey, Ron
responded with an elbow. Armstrong then treated Hainsey’s head to a trio
of punches.

And then Hainsey let loose on Armstrong before their teammates got

Recalls Anderson, who had just been called up at the time: “It was my
ninth game and they were beating us. I was trying to break his hand with
my face. It didn’t really work.”

Adds Hainsey with a grin: “I think the footage speaks for itself.”

Other versions of “Thrashers 24/7” geared for BlackBerrys and other  
smart phones will be rolled out in the coming weeks.