Tumblr of the Day: #wheninatl


It’s always an exciting day when a meme comes to town. This past December, we got Hey, Octane Boy, our own little version of the Ryan Gosling “hey girl” craze. (Which, like Texts from Hillary, seems to have decided to bow out of the meme before turning into some day-old-coffee version of itself.) Now, we have #wheninatl, our city-centric riff on the #whatshouldwecallme Tumblr trend. Launched on April 13, its been exploding in teh social media sphere today.

The basic layout for each post is simple: a statement describing something in Atlanta (e.g., “Drivers going the speed limit on the Connector”) followed by a reaction GIF (in that instance, a certain “Devil Wears Prada” snippet). Much like the rest of the instantiations of this particular meme, we’ve seen all these GIFs before, as they tend to get used over and over and over again on similar #whatshouldwecallme knockoffs (I’m looking at you, GIF of Lucille’s side-eye eye-roll from “Arrested Development”). But I don’t care that it’s reductive; it’s just too much fun to look at GIFs snarkily juxtaposed with THINGS FROM THE CITY I LIVE IN to possibly complain. (I feel the same way about #atlgayz, our city’s other version of this meme.)

Herewith, my favorite posts from #wheninatl so far:

The thought of having to drive outside of Atlanta

When I get to Piedmont Park

The Freedom Parkway exit during rush hour

When they announced the return of Music Midtown

When you crave Chick-fil-A and then realize it’s Sunday