9. Ms. Betty’s House of Ribs


Greg DuPree

You inhale the scent of hickory before you spy Betty Hamilton’s converted single-wide trailer with red trim and the picturesque smokehouse behind it. The barbecue choices at this East Atlanta staple are concise: ribs (including rib tips) or smoked chicken. Order any of it, but with a caveat and some advice: When the meats are done, staff members typically wrap them in plastic to keep them warm. It’s a common practice, but here the texture can steam to mush, so call ahead and request a batch pulled fresh from the grill. The team happily obliges, and then, ahh, you can savor the deep saturation of smoke as well as the agreeable tug to the meat. The Boss Sauce alongside fascinates: It’s more sweet than savory, with the consistency of syrup. I prefer the mustard sauce option, and sides of the dreamy mac and cheese and dusky collard greens. Ms. Betty’s mostly does takeout, but grab one of two tables in the trailer if you’re raring to feast on the premises. 1281 Bouldercrest Drive, 404-243-8484

This article originally appeared in our May 2013 issue.