The Porter Beer Bar


Atlanta’s ultimate hair-of-the-dog destination, located (where else?) in Little Five Points. On early weekend afternoons, the customers usually fall into two categories: the bedraggled, often leaning on the long bar solo or in brooding pairs, and the perky, who tend to congregate in the pub’s cavernous back room, growing noisier as they imbibe. And with 800 options on draft and in bottles, you’ll even find a brew—say, an aged Belgian tripel—to match cinnamon French toast with bananas flambé.

ORDER THIS: Biscuits and sausage gravy with scrambled eggs (excellent hangover fare); unexpected daily specials from chef and co-owner Nick Rutherford, such as foie gras terrine or a carefully composed salad of seasonal produce.

1156 Euclid Avenue, 404-223-0393,