Personal Endorsement: H. Harper Station

H. Harper Station
Illustration by Liz Noftle

From Scott Henry, Articles Editor 
As luck would have it, one of Atlanta’s top cocktail destinations is less than five minutes from my doorstep, in a quiet section of Reynoldstown along the Atlanta BeltLine. Opened in 2010 by Jerry Slater in a 1920s train depot, H. Harper Station boasts a menu with dozens of classic and original drinks; there’s enough to satisfy the nightly whims of the most adventurous imbiber, from the sweet but earthy Surfer Rosa (rye and bitters) to the exotic bite of Letters of Marque (rum and Cynar). Even on weekends, the atmosphere is typically laid-back—neither too bro-heavy nor hipsterrific—and one can usually find a seat at the bar, where the bartenders are eager to discuss new recipes and recently acquired whiskeys. 904 Memorial Drive,