Bon Appetit names Cakes & Ale among top ten “new” restaurants (again!)


What’s better than getting named one of the best new restaurants of the year? Getting named one of the best new restaurants of the year twice!

As mentioned last week, Bon Appetit released their list of top ten new restaurants of 2012 today and Decatur’s Cakes & Ale edged in at the number ten spot. After Cakes & Ale opened in 2008, Bon Appetit included the restaurant in their top ten new restaurants of 2009 list. Now, after moving to a new location and adding a bakery that enlists the skills of chef David Sweeney for lunch and pastry chef Eric Wolitzky for baked goods, Bon Appetit has deemed the restaurant new enough to bestow the honor on the restaurant for a second time. Bill Addison agrees.

If you’re keeping an eye on the trends dominating new restaurants, be sure to check out Bon Appetit‘s clever breakdown of the top 50 finalists. Some of the statistics are quite fascinating: 48 of the top 50 don’t use tablecloths, 24 use tweezers in the kitchen, and so on. Which region has the most restaurants on the list? The South took that honor with 16 nominated restaurants, including Atlanta’s Cardamom Hill

Screengrab via Bon Appetit