Tell us about your Restaurant Week experiences


Are you headed out for Downtown Atlanta Restaurant Week? (Technically it’s two weeks, from July 26 to August 8.) I’m curious about people’s experiences. Did your experience with a $25 or $35 three-course meal make you long to return to the restaurant for its regular offerings? Would you only return again next year during Restaurant Week? Did the staff treat you like infidels for going the bargain route, or did you feel genuinely welcomed?

I’ll check in with a report or two of my own, but glancing at the participating restaurants and their menus, I’d personally choose Social (whole snapper with lemon confit and saffron beurre blanc sounds enticing, though I can also gorge on lamb shank tagine even in the summer), BLT Steak of course, and maybe the Atlanta Grill, to see how the Ritz’s Downtown restaurant fares these days.

But I’d loved to be surprised by hearing about other spots, too: Fill us in.