Veda Juice to open in Peachtree Hills in late December

Health food spot will serve salads, acai bowls, and tea, as well as juice and smoothies
Veda Juice

Jackie Greene and Lisa Martinez are opening a healthy food and drink spot called Veda Juice at 365 Peachtree Hills Avenue in late December. Plans for additional locations are in the works.

“As a native Atlantan, I am committed to supporting local farmers and watching my community become healthy in the most convenient way possible,” Greene says.

For both Greene and Martinez, nutrition has played a vital role in their lives. Greene’s mother passed away during chemotherapy, and Greene believes things would have been different had her mother had proper nutrition. Martinez battled breast cancer herself and credits a healthy diet and continuous exercise as critical to her success.

The name, Veda, comes from the Vedic scriptures, the spiritual literature of the ancient Indian culture, says Greene. “[Our food and drinks will be] rich in nutrients and derived from 100% natural fruits and vegetables, providing satisfying, easy way to enrich your body.”

In addition to making five standard juices and one seasonal, they will offer salads, acai bowls, smoothies, organic tea, and sparkling juices, most of which will be sourced from local famers and organic suppliers.