Arianne Fielder leaves Seven Lamps, starts at Article 14 next week

Changes come as Seven Lamps “cleans house”
Arianne Fielder

Photo by Oana Hogrefe, courtesy of Facebook

Arianne Fielder, head “mixtress” and beverage manager at Seven Lamps has left the Buckhead establishment, Eater Atlanta reports. She will take over as head mixologist and beverage manager at Midtown’s Article 14 next week. This change comes at a notable time, as Article 14’s sister restaurant, Olmsted, recently decided to become a private events space, leaving its “power lunches” to Article 14, which also serves dinner.

Fielder says Seven Lamps “wanted to change the leadership of the restaurant and cleaned house.” She adds that although she had not planned to leave, the split was “amicable.”

Yet Fielder has already moved on and begun work on new cocktail menus for Article 14. Since she created the restaurant’s original cocktail menus when it opened last year, she says it was a natural fit to go behind the bar there full time.

“They specialize in Manhattans and American whiskeys, so it was really a no-brainer for me,” she says. “Plus, they have a beautiful bar.”

And as for the Olmsted switcheroo, Fielder isn’t worried. She says she was made aware of the change before she accepted her new position and thinks it’s “a great move to be able to focus more on the Article 14 space.” She will, however, be available to create and serve signature cocktails for special events at Olmsted.

Fielder is allowing herself a couple of weeks to settle into Article 14 and get acquainted with its new food menu; she’ll release a revamped cocktail menu focused on whiskey, rye, scotch, and bourbon drinks in the first or second week of September. She’s also creating a barrel-aged cocktail program and aging tequila in house.

“The majority of the Article 14 cocktails are classic, stirred, and masculine,” she says, “But they’re still going to be playful and weird—I can’t tell you there won’t be a cereal cocktail or a sous vide drink.”

She’s also planning to bring back the cocktail of the week special she offered at Southern Art and Bourbon Bar, where she worked prior to Seven Lamps.