Seniors, enjoy your last 18.2 years

Life expectancy is low in Georgia

Life expectancy for people 65-plus isn’t great if you live in the South. According to new information from the CDC, seniors in the U.S. can expect to live an average of another 19.1 years. But if you live in Georgia, make that only 18.2 years. It’s 17.5 in Mississippi (the lowest in the country) and 17.6 years in Alabama.

But if you are 65 and older and living in Hawaii, you can enjoy those sunny beaches much longer. Chances are, you’ll live another 21.3 years. Seniors in Florida will likely live another 20.4 years and those in California will live 20.3 on average.

The life expectancy estimates were made using 2007 through 2009 data from the census, death certificates, and telephone surveys that asked people to describe their health.