Atlanta drivers least safe Allstate report

Of 200 biggest U.S. cities, Atlanta is the 15th least safe to drive in, says Allstate

Just before Labor Day weekend, Allstate insurance released its annual report of America's Best Drivers. In a result that should surprise exactly zero Atlantans, our city ranked 186 out of the top 200 most populated U.S. cities.
Daniel Glover, RuPaul, John Lewis

Donald Glover, RuPaul, John Lewis among TIME’s 100 Most Influential People of 2017

Three Atlanta icons earned a spot on this year's list, alongside President Donald Trump, Moonlight director Barry Jenkins, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, and others.

Once again, Atlanta is ranked No. 1 for income inequality

The richest Atlanta households earn almost 20 times more than the city’s poorest residents: $288,159 compared to $14,988.

Survey: Atlanta ranks No. 8 for good-looking people

In a recent reader survey by Travel + Leisure ranking America’s Most and Least Attractive People, our fairer than fair metro came in at No. 8.

Infographic of the Day: Atlanta ranked Third Funniest City in U.S.

According to a recent study conducted by the Humor Research Lab (HuRL) at the University of Colorado, Atlanta, along with Washington D.C., gives birth to the most top comedians per capita among major U.S. cities. That fact helped us reach No. 3 on the on lab’s list of the 50 Funniest Cities in America.

Infographic of the Day: Which way Falcons fans will vote

Election Day is all about voter groups. The Minority Vote. The Women's Vote.  Someone reportedly has paid to put up misleading signs to suppress the College Vote. But no one ever talks about the...

Race for Governor: Carter, Deal throw jabs in a testy debate. This round goes to Carter.

If Deal seems vexed, it’s understandable. In a state that favors incumbents and still leans right, the GOP governor should be cruising to re-election. But this race, which is Deal’s to lose, remains tied and possibly headed for a run-off.

How We Rank: Study says Georgia is tenth worst in quality of life

If you’re trying to stay positive on a gray and rainy Monday, this probably isn’t going to help. The financial news and opinion website Wall St. 24/7 recently ranked Georgia as tenth worst state in terms of quality of life.

Study: Georgia ranks No. 8 for refugees taken in

According to a study released by the Department of Homeland Security, Georgia welcomed just over 2,710 refugees in 2013, eighth most in the country and 200 more than the previous year.

Infographic of the Day: Georgia has the No. 1 unemployment rate

The Bureau of Labor Statistics released its monthly unemployment report card and let's just say that Mississippi will be feeling pretty good, because Georgia has now claimed the top spot. Indeed, ours is the...

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