Hidden Atlanta

Hiding Places

Limited access: 4 exclusive establishments in Atlanta

What you need to get into the Midtown Castle club, Club at Chops Lobster Bar, and more.

What’s hidden underground in Atlanta?

The ship from Dante's Down the Hatch and the Crypt of Civilization at Oglethorpe University are just a few of the relics hidden under our feet.

Hide away at these 4 Atlanta secret gardens

Enter into the world of tranquil nature at these four gardens: Lake Claire Community Land Trust, Japanese Zen Garden, Cator Woolford Gardens, and the Rooftop Garden at Georgia Tech.

What’s stashed away in Atlanta?

Google, the Federal Reserve Bank, and others store their loot in Georgia; we looked into what they stock.

3 Atlanta architectural gems hidden in plain sight

We enlisted architect Mark Levine, AIA, of the architectural and engineering firm Pond & Company to select three spectacular spaces we sometimes overlook.

X marks the spot: 4 unique Atlanta beginnings

We mapped out 4 important Atlanta hotspots, including where Coke began, where the Peachtree streets started their reign, and more.

Can you match these 8 curated curiosities to their Atlanta museums?

Who's artifact is it anyway? See if you can tell which items belong to the Waffle House Museum, Georgia Capitol Museum, and more.

Explore 4 unfamiliar Atlanta monuments and markers

Learn about Emory University's Anti-Gravity Monument, Westside Provisions District's Adalanta Desert, and more.

Sneaky Eats

4 Atlanta private dining spots you might not know about

From cellars to chef's tables, Aria, Local Three, Porter Beer Bar, and Muss & Turner's all have private dining options you might not have heard of.

3 Atlanta off-the-menu items you must try

Try these scrumptious secret meals from Seven Lamps, the Optimist, and Houston's.

Secret Style

These Atlanta outfitters can give you a custom fit

House of Fleming, Commonwealth Proper, and Bridal Couture by Ruby V customize items to your preference and measurements.

Find these literal hidden gems at Bella Bag, Tiffany, and David Yurman

These by-request-only fashion statements are sure to sparkle.

Hidden Hacks

5 Atlanta life hacks for the airport, MARTA, and more

Avoid TSA lines, catch a MARTA bus, and more with these handy tricks.

We went into the vaults, beyond the velvet rope, back in time, and off the well-worn track. Behold, the city you never knew.

By Mary Logan Bikoff, Rebecca Burns, Josh Green, Scott Henry, Evan Mah, Tess Malone, Tony Rehagen, Betsy Riley, and Susan Soper.