Room Envy: A vibrant dining room in Decatur

Interior designer Vinanti Chauhan explains how she put the space together

Room Envy

Photograph by Anastasia Alkema

To distinguish this builder-grade dining room in Decatur, interior designer Vinanti Chauhan used a few creative tricks for her friends and clients, Monika and Kunj Pathak.

Vivid palette
Owners Monika and Kunj Pathak both formerly lived in India, which influenced their vibrant color choices. Yellow velvet chairs from West Elm complement the marble-topped table from CB2.

Mirror, mirror
What looks like a foyer beyond this room is a bit of a visual stunt. “A large inset mirror on the back wall reflects the arches of the dining room and the stairwell, which creates an intriguing sense of continuous spaces,” says Chauhan.

Bright or sultry
Roman shades that can be raised to the ceiling control ambient light and set the mood.

Shelf life
The cabinetry flanking the mirror is made of Ikea cabinet boxes, combined with doors and two walnut niches from the online source Semihandmade, which specializes in custom-looking additions to Ikea products. The blue cabinetry (painted in Semihandmade “Night Sky”) helps define the faux entryway, explains Chauhan.

Floor facts
“The splurge was the rug,” says Chauhan, referring to this hand-knotted, 100 percent wool rug from Rejuvenation. “It has a folk-inspired, traditional tree of life motif that we really liked.”

Design Tip: Pick a recurring motif for a room, says designer Vinanti Chauhan, whose firm, Hues & Scapes, is in Michigan. Here, the round chandelier and table reinforce a circular theme. Wine glasses in the bar niches also add a swirly touch.

This article appears in our August 2023 issue.