Room Envy: One bold, colorful closet in Virginia-Highland

In a mostly neutral house, this gem stands out
Room Envy

Photograph by Christina Wedge

Everyone’s wardrobe should have a few surprises in it, so it follows that our actual closet should, too. Interior designer Eryn Houck chose neutrals for most of her Virginia-Highland house, but the closet addition she and her husband Craig share is a jewel box of rich color.

Ceiling gem
A gold lotus flower–shaped light fixture visually relates to aged-brass hardware on cabinetry.

Bold vision
Sherwin-Williams “Emerald Shores” wraps the room in a sultry, high-gloss emerald green.


Lacquered paint jobs aren’t usually successful DIY projects. “Imperfections are highlighted by the sheen; it takes a professional to prepare the surface properly and ensure a great result,” Eryn says.

Surface savvy
Eryn included a shelf above the drawers to house her mannequin bust and jewelry tray.

Making space
The Houcks’ 1920s house didn’t have a spacious closet, so they commissioned the built-ins, adding deep drawers for sweaters and a pivoting mirror for efficient use of space.

Boho bench
Eryn covered this secondhand bench in a vintage Oushak rug to give it a new look.

This article originally appeared in our January 2018 issue.