The 10 Best Barbecue Restaurants in Atlanta

10. Anna’s BBQ

Anna's BBQ
Pulled pork platter

Photograph by Andrew Thomas Lee

You can feel the love the moment you step into Anna’s BBQ, an old school–style barbecue spot in the middle of fast-gentrifying Kirkwood. Depending on when you visit, you might also hear the love, in the form of a cooing newborn being bounced by one of the women taking orders. The sprawling menu can be overwhelming, but the pulled pork, served as a platter, a sandwich, or in “Anna’s Favorite” (a sandwich topped with slaw), is a good start. The pork is juicy and well-seasoned and scattered with a just-right, sweet-and-hot sauce. The collards are appealingly briny, the mac and cheese adequately decadent (if a little salty). Pro tip: The portions of meat served with the lunch meals might feel a little scrawny for more carnivorous diners; spring for the dinner platter.

1976 Hosea L. Williams Drive, 404-963-6976,