20 fun things to do with kids in Atlanta

4. Play basketball like an Atlanta Hawk at the team’s refurbished courts

Things to do with kids in Atlanta Hawks basketball courts
Photograph by Jennifer Boxley

Want to score like Al Horford? Pass the rock like Jeff Teague? Go hard in the paint like Paul Millsap? Since you don’t have the keys to Philips Arena, you can practice your crossover at one of the Hawks’ refurbished courts.

Last year the Atlanta Hawks Foundation began retrofitting outdoor public courts throughout metro Atlanta. These aren’t your average courts with rusted rims and cracked asphalt. Each one has sleek black tiles painted in Hawks red and volt green, new hoops, and the iconic Pac-Man logo at center court. Four courts are now open in neighborhoods like Grant Park, Kirkwood, and College Park, and a total of 25 will be built before 2020. Before you know it, you’ll be going one-on-one with Harry the Hawk.