Atlanta 2040: What life will look like in the city’s third century

The largest city in the nation?

2040 metro Atlanta population and job growth

Atlanta will be the largest city in the nation by 2040. We’ll beat out New York and all cities in California. The aspects astrologically show it. A super high–speed magnetic train will be the ultimate answer to traffic, and it should happen by 2025, if not before then. People will get around much more quickly and safely. The skyline will be filled with a lot more skyscrapers. The [Nature] Conservancy will have come up with another solution for water to accommodate all the people who are moving here. We’re going to keep sprawling out. There are no parameters as to how far our city can go. Atlanta is a Capricorn city. Capricorn rules the skeletal system of the body, which means physical, tangible things being built. Construction here will just keep growing and growing.

—The Rev. Charlene Hicks, astrologer and psychic medium, who was certified in 1980 at the age of 20 as Atlanta’s youngest professional astrologer