15. Egbert Perry

Illustration by Alex Fine
Illustration by Alex Fine

Focus Development, Real Estate
Age 59
Over the past two decades, few people have shaped Atlanta’s built environment more than Egbert Perry, a protégé of the late construction titan Herman J. Russell. In 1993 Perry cofounded the Integral Group, now a 300-person firm focused on urban redevelopment projects, such as turning the New Deal–era Techwood Homes housing project into Centennial Place. The Antigua native, who’s also board chairman for Fannie Mae, is now involved with one of metro Atlanta’s largest projects: transforming the 162-acre former General Motors plant in Doraville into a mixed-use hub.

Egbert’s expansion Integral has grown from a local upstart to a national firm that has built more than 50 developments in 10 states. How much investment is that? A staggering $2 billion.

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This article originally appeared in our October 2015 issue.