21. John Haupert

John Haupert
Photograph by Fernando Decillis

Focus Healthcare
Age 54
Grady Memorial Hospital remains open in large measure because of Haupert. Since 2011, the Arkansas-raised CEO has steered the state’s largest hospital, one of vital importance to metro Atlanta, from the brink of closure and through a mammoth restructuring. Amid political uproar, he’s brought the once-debt-ridden downtown facility into the black, despite Republican opposition to expanding Medicaid in Georgia and threats from within the Fulton County Commission to cut funding. Haupert’s impact reaches beyond the hospital walls; he’s also helping shape policy for the state’s public and rural hospitals still at risk of shutting down.

Grady’s Growth Over the past two years, Haupert has led Atlanta’s safety-net hospital through a $74 million expansion.

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This article originally appeared in our October 2015 issue.