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Atlanta After Dark: Addis Lewis, trauma nurse at Grady Health System

Even at 5 a.m., this trauma nurse is saving Atlanta lives at Grady Hospital

Three nights a week, from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m., Addis Lewis joins Grady Memorial Hospital medical professionals tending to car crashes, gunshot wounds, heart attacks.
Forgotten Atlanta

Where to find remnants of old Atlanta

We haven't completely paved over everything. Here's where to find pieces of Atlanta's history.
John Haupert

21. John Haupert

Grady Memorial Hospital remains open in large measure because of Haupert. Since 2011, the Arkansas-raised CEO has steered the state’s largest hospital, one of vital importance to metro Atlanta, from the brink of closure and through a mammoth restructuring.

Grady CEO John Haupert on Obamacare, Medicaid, and the value of prevention

As nearly 1.7 million eligible, uninsured Georgians begin seeking medical care, Grady Memorial Hospital faces a new challenge in the wake of Governor Nathan Deal’s refusal to expand Medicaid. Money that once went to Grady and other safety nets as part of the federal Indigent Care Trust Fund will now be destined for states that have already opted in.

Medicaid opt-out: What it means for the peach state

A recent study estimates that Georgia and other states opting out of Medicaid expansion will miss out on a collective $8.4 billion in federal payments and spend roughly $1 billion “in the short term” on uncompensated care. Grady Memorial Hospital will swallow some of these costs as Metro Atlanta’s largest safety net health provider.

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