6 things you’ll find at the Atlanta in 50 Objects exhibition

Michonne’s sword, a Varsity dog, a Braves World Series ring, and more

If you were to choose a single object or idea to represent the city of Atlanta, what would it be? Two years ago, the Atlanta History Center posed this question to visitors, school groups, and the general public, inviting the community to help curate its exhibition Atlanta in 50 Objects. “They sometimes know the story better than we ever could,” says cocurator Don Rooney. More than 300 suggestions were submitted, which History Center staff whittled to 50—some profound, some kitschy, and all on display through December 31. Here, six items from the time capsule–like exhibition.

Atlanta in 50 Objects
High Style

Purse included with the Delta stewardess uniforms from 1969

Atlanta in 50 Objects
The real thing

Coca-Cola bottle and its original hobble-skirted mold, circa 1915

Atlanta in 50 Objects
She slay

Michonne’s katana from The Walking Dead

Atlanta in 50 Objects
“What’ll ya have?”

Reproduction of the Varsity’s Combo Meal No. 1, on a car hop tray

Atlanta in 50 Objects
World Champs

Braves’ 1995 World Series ring

Atlanta in 50 Objects
Gone Girl

First edition of Gone with the Wind

Photographs by Caroline C. Kilgore

This article originally appeared in our December 2016 issue.