Which April Atlanta festival is right for you?

Whether you like biking, street food, or just like cheese, Atlanta’s got a festival for you

I want to exercise! And my Fitbit says I’m leading my office step competition.
Go to:
 Twilight Criterium
April 28-29
Lycra-clad bicyclists zip past bars and spectators in this evening street race.

Uh, what is a Fitbit?
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 Atlanta Streets Alive
April 8
DeKalb Avenue goes car-free for four hours.

Atlanta Strees Alive
On June 11, the Westside goes car-free at Atlanta Streets Alive

Photograph courtesy of Atlanta Strees Alive

Give me a taste of Atlanta culture, please. Oh, and a taste of Atlanta beer.
Go to: Sweetwater 420 Festival
April 20-22
Beer flows and bands play at Centennial Olympic Park.

…but I’m under 21
Go to: Renaissance Festival
April 14-June 3
Relive the Dark Ages while enjoying jousting and a giant turkey leg.

I want to bring the kids outside.
Go to: Inman Park Festival
April 27-29
Concerts, bungalow tours, and a parade with the Seed & Feed Marching Abominable.

That sounds great, but the weather says there are thunderstorms and hail. Oh, and a tornado watch.
Go to: Atlanta Film Festival
April 17-22
Films from Iran and Canada made the cut out of 6,500 entries.

Dreaming of a Jewish Christmas
Dreaming of a Jewish Christmas, Atlanta Film Festival

Photograph courtesy of the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival

My ideal day involves perusing arts and crafts.
Go to: Dogwood Festival
April 13-15
Now in its 82nd year, the three-day arts expo in Piedmont Park attracts thousands.

…but I want to stay OTP.
Go to: Big Shanty
April 21-22
More than 75,000 people—and 250 arts and food vendors—descend on downtown Kennesaw.

Atlanta Dogwood Festival
Atlanta Dogwood Festival

Photograph courtesy of Atlanta Dogwood Festival

I just really like cheese.
Go to:
 Grilled Cheese Fest
April 14-15 [Note: the event has been rescheduled to June 16-17. Check the festival website for more information.]
The world’s simplest sandwich deserves a celebration.

I’m not taking this guide seriously at all.
Stay inside!

TV is the new movie. Rewatch the second season of Stranger Things…in the dark. (And bring your crew.)

A version of this article originally appeared in our April 2018 issue.