6 things we hope to get in Donald Glover’s new TV show, ‘Atlanta’

And one thing we don’t

Photograph by Jesse Chang, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Get ready for a Stone Mountain native to weigh in on Atlanta’s music scene.

Donald Glover will write, produce, and star in a new half-hour comedy series on FX, reports Deadline. Entitled Atlanta (hopefully just a placeholder), it’ll use our entertainment industry as a backdrop to Glover’s antics. We’re hesitant about having a suburbanite control the national perception of the Capital of the South, but we’ll be fine as long as he gives us these:

  1. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, but for our city. When it comes to fellow FX series, we hope Atlanta takes a cue from Sunny instead of the station’s other comedies. Mock us. Berate us. Call our character into question. All while making us love ATL even more, just like Sunny did. Think Green Man and Izzy take a trip to the Georgia Aquarium.

  2. Writing worthy of 30 Rock. Glover cut his chops composing teleplays at the Emmy-winning series during its early heyday. Since it’s a music-centric show, how about an Atlanta take on “Muffin Top” featuring Waffle House?

  3. Stone Mountain. He’s from there, after all. Let’s see him throwing beer cans at the Confederate bas relief. Perhaps Jack McBrayer’s Stone Mountain-born Kenneth the Page could pop up! Thus further tying the show to 30 Rock and bringing in yet another Georgia boy.

  4. Atlanta locales. We don’t want Hollywood back lots. It should shoot here and take advantage of our great tax incentives, and it should feature spots like Vanquish and Lenox Square, expeditions to Eddie’s Attic and 529, and of course, Zone 6.

  5. Outkast’s André 3000. Ideally, as a series regular who mentors Glover’s character, but we’ll accept a single cameo appearance. He proved himself as an actor with his 2006 movie, Idlewild, and his Cartoon Network series, Class of 3000, already did what Glover wants to do with Atlanta, but animated. Maybe he’ll show off his best Jimi Hendrix impersonation.

  6. A guest appearance by Danny Pudi. Glover’s leaving NBC’s Community half-way through its upcoming fifth season, but we hope his partner in crime from that show ventures over to FX. As die-hard fans of the cult series, we can already hear it: “Troy and Abed in Atlanta!”

And one thing we don’t:

Childish Gambino. Yes, it’s a “music-themed” series, but can do without Glover’s rap alter ego and his less-than-stellar rapping and lyrics.

Hey, we can dream.