Dope Girls’ cofounder shows us her perfect New Year’s Eve party

8Arm, custom cookies and, of course, 420 beer

Beca Grimm

Photograph courtesy of Beca Grimm

Your guide: Beca Grimm
The Dope Girls zine cofounder and party host extraordinaire shops local to ring in 2020 with a Babysitter’s Club–themed bash at home.

A Kookie House cookie in the shape of a sheep
Kookie House

Photograph courtesy of Kookie House

December 1
I’ll put in an order for Kookie House cookies with Babysitter’s Club characters’ faces on them. Obviously, Claudia, the cool, fashionable one, is a chocolate ginger spice. Then, I order four candles from Etsy’s Kin Karasu—white tea and citrus would be nice. They’ll go in the bathroom, living room, porch, and back room (cat room). Finally, I’ll see if Maricela Vega of 8Arm can cater. Anything vegan that she wants to put into masa would be perfect.

A Kin Karasu candle
A Kin Karasu candle

Photograph courtesy of Kin Karasu

December 16
For alcohol: I’ll order a pony keg of SweetWater 420 from Westview Corner Grocery. It’s an easy beer that pleases everyone and is actually good. For wine and champagne, I’ll head to Hop City’s location on the BeltLine’s Westside Trail. Montane for the non-drinkers. And I’ll book the dogs a sleepover at Barking Hound Village Lofts.

Victorian plant

Photograph by Scott Webb/Unsplash

December 23
Flowers are beautiful but can also be wasteful, so I’ll use this as an excuse to buy more plants from the Victorian to make sure everyone is tripping over them. I’ll make a run to Value Village to collect mason jars to use as cups. Then I’ll go to Chamblee’s Antique Row district for extra ashtrays to collect herbal-refreshment waste.

The cover of Baby Sitters Club on DVD

Photograph courtesy of Sony Pictures

December 30
I’ll swing by Videodrome to pick up The Babysitter’s Club on DVD. They special-ordered a copy for me once, and I’m going to put it to use. Afterward, I head to Sevananda Natural Foods to buy white sage for party favors.

December 31
Crossing my fingers I have everything picked up. Bring your own skincare face masks (I’m giving y’all all this booze and masa) because I’ll be wearing one from Fig and Flower.

This article appears in our December 2019 issue.