How much would it cost to “mod out” your wheels Vin Diesel-style?

Koruworks’ Eugene Chou on how to create a street race-worthy car, like the ones in Atlanta-filmed ”Furious 7”
Illustration by Jameson Simpson
Illustration by Jameson Simpson

Atlanta traffic may be an impediment to high-speed auto theatrics, but you can still “mod out” your wheels Vin Diesel-style. We talked to Eugene Chou—managing partner at Koruworks, a Marietta shop that sells and installs parts to modify performance vehicles—about what it would take to create a street race–worthy ride.

Show your fellow commuters who’s boss with a personalized paint job.
Cost $8,000 to $10,000 for a full custom job

Handling is more important than horsepower. Suspension modifications like lowering the springs or coilovers will give you more control.
Cost $2,200

If you don’t want to plop in an all-new engine, there are (not exactly legal) ways to extract more horsepower—like using nitrous oxide in the air intake to force in more oxygen and fuel.
Cost $1,600

A new body kit made of polyurethane, aluminum, fiberglass, or carbon fiber can take major poundage off your car’s weight, making it easier to handle.
Cost Up to $100,000, depending on car and materials

Larger brake rotors and calipers, plus more aggressive brake pads, will help your car stop on a dime.
Cost $2,500 to $4,500

Wider, stickier tires and lightweight wheels improve your grip on the road.
Cost $1,500 to $2,500

On the calendar On April 3, “Furious 7,” the high-action flick—filmed in Atlanta—speeds into theaters.

This article originally appeared in our April 2015 issue under the headline “Drive like Diesel.”