The History Center takes advantage of its Hunger Games fame

A new tour showcases the Swan House cameo in Catching Fire

Courtesy Atlanta History Center

Well, here’s one way to get preteens interested in history. Lure them with visions of Katniss and Peeta. The Atlanta History Center’s Capitol Tour Experience showcases the historic Swan House, one of several Atlanta locations in Hunger Games: Catching Fire, the second movie in the futuristic (ironic, right?) fantasy series.

The tour will take visitors through each room featured in the film and visitors will have access to the gardens and lawn of the 1928 mansion, once the home of the Edward Inman family. Tour-goers will get an exclusive look at props and photos from the production.

The $10 tour can be booked on-site as an add-on with general admission to the History Center’s permanent and temporary exhibitions. (You can’t do the Hunger Games tour only.) Perhaps on the way to check out the gift shop for official Hunger Games merchandise, young visitors can detour via the Urban History Collection or the Civil War and Military Collection, and learn a little something about real-life politics and conflict.

The Capitol Tour Experience runs Monday through Saturday, November 22 through January 6, 2014. For details visit