Norman Reedus talks Triple 9 and filling Andrew Lincoln’s trailer with chickens

The actor also chats about his new motorcycle show, Ride with Norman Reedus
Norman Reedus
Photograph by Frank Ockenfels/AMC

This month, you can catch The Walking Dead fan favorite Norman Reedus on the big screen in the crooked-cop heist thriller Triple 9, which was also filmed in Atlanta in 2014. We recently spoke with Reedus about how the role compares to Daryl Dixon, his upcoming AMC show Ride With Norman Reedus, and what to expect when TWD returns on Valentine’s Day (hint: there will be blood).

Triple 9 was filmed in Atlanta. You’re no stranger to filming here, but what was it like filming a big budget Hollywood film compared to TWD?
I was actually filming them at the same time. Right around the time we were filming that episode where I’m on the van about to fall off the bridge, we could see the Triple 9 set from the van, and vice versa. It was pretty seamless with the going back and forth stuff. It was awesome working with that caliber of actor. John Hillcoat is genius. And I’ve known Aaron Paul for a long time, and Clifton [Collins Jr.] I’ve known for a long time. All the guys on that film are such great actors. We actually shot some of Triple 9 in downtown Atlanta where we shot Walking Dead. I’ve eaten lunch on top of the bank where we did the heist.

How does this role compare to Daryl Dixon on TWD?
One’s good guy that’s generally a bad guy, and one’s a bad guy that’s generally a good guy. They both have a particular set of skills to survive in that world. That said, there are differences; it’s not like I’ve got a southern accent in the movie.

You’re known for your elaborate pranks on The Walking Dead set. Did you pull any while filming Triple 9?
I don’t think so, not really. Not exactly pranks. I did pull a good prank on Andy [Lincoln] on The Walking Dead recently. I filled his trailer with live chickens.

And what was the reaction to that?
He laughed. He kind of caught me and Scott Gimple, and was like, What are you doing to my trailer? And I ran off and I think we convinced him it was nothing, and then he discovered it later.

In your upcoming AMC show, “Ride with Norman Reedus,” you’ll be taking motorcycle trips with various guests. Got any plans for a ride through Georgia?
The pilot was filmed in Georgia. We went through Georgia, Alabama. We went on the Alabama Dragon. [Ed note: A route popular with motorcyclists in northeast Alabama.] We shot the first episode in that area, and I love that area. It was beautiful.

Can you talk a little bit about how the show came about?
It kind of came from them [AMC] to be honest. They knew I liked motorcycles, I’ve talked about how much I love to ride, and we went back and forth with ideas. It’s been a blast. We’ve got some really cool rides set up with some really cool people. It’s a dream gig, really.

The Walking Dead mid-season premiere is happening right around the release date of Triple 9. Our recappers are wondering: How much trouble are you in now that you’ve encountered the Saviors?
It’s pretty much an all-out war. A lot of tears will be shed in the second half, for sure. The bad guys are there, they took our stuff, they want what we have. They took [Daryl’s] motorcycle and his crossbow, so he’s pissed off. There’s going to be a lot of action in the second half, for sure.