Video of the Day: Phillies fans mock the Braves’ Craig Kimbrel

But the Atlanta closer gets the last laugh

You may love them or you may loathe them, but you can never say that Philadelphia sports fans aren’t passionate—and creative. When their teams suck, Philly fans generally deride and degrade their own more than any visitor would dare. But as a rival, it is cathartic to watch them choke on their antics, like when Dan Uggla (sorry, I know you had happily forgotten that name) hit a grand slam to win a game earlier this year.

About to drop the second-to-last game of a miserable 2014, Phillies fans behind home plate decided to go after Craig Kimbrel on Saturday night, mocking the way he extends his throwing arm as he leans in.

Whether the Braves’ closer was bothered may never be known—he was a bit erratic, giving up a walk and a hit, but he still managed to pick up the save.