The art of the thank you note

Don’t get fancy with the words. People just appreciate the gesture.
Thank You Letters

Photograph by Tropico Photo

There are two reasons people don’t send out thank you notes: lack of time and no stationery. But don’t minimize the importance of the handwritten card, says Atlanta stationery artist Kelli Hall. Here are three bits of advice for carrying on this tradition.

Thank you notes are best sent a few days after a small event, like a birthday party, or a few weeks after a large event, like a wedding. “My preferred rule of thumb is before you use the gift,” Hall says.

Most people get hung up on what to write, but simple is best. “Don’t miss chances to share genuine gratitude because you want to pen the perfect response,” Hall explains. Just appreciate the gesture and the item.

Beautiful stationery is timeless and somewhat of a “return gift,” Hall says. “While I’ll drool over a beautiful stock, a statement-making design can shine just as beautifully on a budget-friendly paper.”