My Style: Shahad AlQaysi, fashion designer and blogger

After she left a career in dentistry to pursue fashion, she's sold her looks worldwide and plans to open a retail space in Atlanta in 2021

Shahad AlQaysi
Shahad is wearing a dress from her own line, the Shaha, shoes by Christian Louboutin, and earrings from Banana Republic.

Photograph by Ben Rollins

Born in Iraq and raised in Dubai, style maven Shahad AlQaysi left her career in dentistry to launch her own fashion label, the Shaha, in Atlanta in 2017. She created her line for women like her who come from conservative cultures—but the midiskirts and elegant high-waisted suits appeal to any woman who loves a classic, dressy style. With nearly 800,000 followers on Instagram, she’s sold her looks worldwide and plans to open a retail space in Atlanta in 2021.

Neighborhood Buckhead

Culture I used to be hijabi, covering my entire body and only showing my hands and feet. You are either hijabi or not hijabi—but I realized I am in the middle. I consider myself to have moderate style, but I do love wearing turbans. They reflect the more modest side of me.

Fashion houses Louis Vuitton, Valentino

Personal style Vintage, moderate, classic. I always dress up. I am very rarely casual.
Muses Olivia Palermo, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe. Concerning fashion, I was meant to live in the ’50s and ’60s. I love the big dresses and the hair and the makeup—everything.

Shahad AlQaysiGo-to shop Saks Fifth Avenue

Beauty musts Sunscreen without fail. A good vitamin C serum and retinol. My must-have brands are Shishedo and Murad. I love makeup so I must be equally devoted to my skincare routine.

Quarantine looks I get dressed up and wear makeup every day—no matter if I’m leaving or staying. Quarantine could not affect my love for fashion and beauty. I do it for myself.

This article appears in our September 2020 issue.