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With the MiniMe Factory, anyone—even your dog—can become a pint-sized figurine

As a child, Reza Nourali daydreamed of being like the Superman and Spider-Man action figures he collected. So, the 45-year-old created the MiniMe Factory, an Alpharetta-based company that creates pint-sized versions of people—or even their pets—with 3-D printing technology.

3-D printing is powering the next industrial revolution. Meet 5 of Atlanta’s innovators.

If you want to see Atlanta’s industrial future up close, come to an office park near Atlantic Station and examine a titanium plate, the size of a thumbnail, that was recently designed to correct foot deformities.
Leisa Rich

Experimental artist Leisa Rich expresses her creativity using fabrics, found objects, and eco-plastics

The Atlanta artist talks about working with fiber, her upcoming Invisible:VisAble exhibit at the Abernathy Arts Center, and the children's book she wrote and illustrated.

Gwinnett surgeon among first in U.S. to use 3-D printing for total knee replacements

The chief of sports medicine at Gwinnett Medical Center, Dr. Gary Levengood, was among the first U.S. surgeons to perform total knee replacements using 3-D printing technology. To date, he has completed more than 500 partial and total customized procedures. We asked him about this new technology.

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